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Smoothwall Security

The SmoothWall GPL project was founded in the summer of 2000 by Lawrence Manning (Principle Code Author) and Richard Morrell (Project Manager). Their goal was to create a Linux distribution that could convert a redundant PC into a hardened internet firewall device. With help from other early contributors; John Faulty and Tom Ellils, the first SmoothWall Firewall was posted to at the end of August 2000.

Guardian Web Security
Guardian Web Security delivers an integrated, secure and easily manageable system that effectively puts you in control of your web security
Guardian Web Filtering
Guardian Web Filters uses Dynamic Content Analysis to examine the content, the context and construction of every web page requested in real-time
UTM + Advanced Firewall
Advanced Firewall is a software appliance that operates on a wide range of hardware platforms running on its own security hardened operating system – our UTM delivers exactly the same functionality on a pre-configured hardware appliance
Email Security
Our Email Security products protect your mail servers and users by defending the network from spam and threats at the perimeter - keeping the trusted mail flowing and the threats safely out of the way
VIPRE End-Point Security
GFI Sunbelt VIPRE® is different and one of the best performing anti-malware technologies available - that's why we integrate it into our Web Security products.
Hardware Appliances
Smoothwall Secure Web Gateway (SWG) appliances are powerful, robust and flexible enough to operate in the most demanding network environments - including ours.
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