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Wholesale Information Technology Services

Nextshore LLC - We are focused on your profit .

From large enterprises to boutique consultancies information technology insiders turn to Nextshore LLC to help them improve their bottom line. It's simple: buy from us for one, sell for two or three or four.... Large projects or just a few lines of of code we are here to help. With operations on 3 continents we've got you covered. Call us now to find out how we can make you a more profitable IT Solutions Provider.

Why use Nextshore?

Outsourcing for Companies of Every Size

Information Technology and Finance & Accounting outsourcing has been a mainstream option for large companies since the 1970's. Over the last two decades, companies of every size from startups to Fortune 500 companies have rushed to adopt an Outsourcing strategy due to its significant, proven benefits. However up until this point for smaller deployments the cost of project management often exceeded the savings. Nextshore has revolutionized the model to now make these same benefits availble to small and medium sized businesses. Learn how to make this work for you.

Why Outsource?

We are like "IT Insurance"

Nextshore delivers the best of both worlds: the cost advantages of "off-shore" with safety of "on-shore".  As a US based company we provided the legal and financial safety net that organizations require.  Nextshore is your IT Backstop.  How are we different? Read more...   
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